Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Don Land Nigeria

The CEO of the social media site Facebook, just land Nigeria. Na just yesterday him and his wife dey greet Pope for Rome and today he touch down for Lagos.

He say he come see how our programmers dey do, and all dem soso people wai dey try to use computer chop.

This na the first time for Mark Zuckerberg full-life wen he don ever see West Africa. Men! I no know about you but my head don expand from dis visit sha.

Me I no sure say he go see anything em never see before, web-design and all those small small things. I just hope say him fit tish us new skills because our school too dey tish non-sense and big gramma. You go see professor wai no know anything but to confuse you with big big oyinbo gramma.

Everybody wai meet am say dey like am because the man just dey simple and em na billionair for dollars.

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