Thursday, August 25, 2016

Security catch Hausa guy wen dress like fine Fulani chick

In case you dey wounder, we for AprokoReport don confirm say he no dey among the missing Chiboke girls. Him na hustler.

missing bringbackourgirls man dress like woman with hijab
Civil-Defence Officers wolai Hausa-fulani man wen dress like chick with hijab and pure water breast. The bros get woman voice and him dey blush for the camera

This guy put pure water as breast, makeup and hijab, con dey travel go Kaduna. You know as things hard and some men still like to kolo for women, he think say na good idea until dem catch am.

I no go lie, the guy fine sha, but all he need na good beauty cream and him voice naturally thin like girl own.

If you see am, he day smile self. Like say he no send any body message.

For the video, he they tell them say he dey travel to visit eh sister for Kaduna and nothing more o. But me I con dey fear say; hope that him sister no be him brother way dey also dress like woman. I just hope say him sister go wear hijab and cover face come bail am for police station.

Next time you see a girl with big vail, hijab or even cover face, eh fit be this guy or he sister.

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