Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nigerian Doctor go jail because of de kind of blue-film he store for phone (Graphic Photo)

One Nigerian Doctor wai dey practice for Britain don go sht for church. Dr Cyprian Okoro mess up when he receive some yeye blue-film from Whatsapp but no delete dem.

Among the kind of things he store na video of man and snake, woman and dog, woman and horse. The thing wai destroy him chance of forgiveness na when the mumu go store video of two small boys wen no were cloth (Oyinbo no dey play with dat kind matta at all).

Although Okoro denial am say he no know anything about the films, the jury for court no gree, dey say he dey guilty and must go jail (evidence no day lie). Even the judge say dat kind picture no make sence, say he just dey follow due-process if not he for nor waste time send the doctor go jail with immidate-effect.

The 55 years old doctor don go jail before. Two years ago, dem jail am for 6 months because one woman say he try to touch her. So that record no help him matta too.

This UK, people too dey go jail over anything. If na Nigerian, dey for don ask am to delete am and the matta go end with warning.

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