Wednesday, November 23, 2016

JUJU: Bros brokus move to him lap after he bang another man wife (Photo)

This news break for Kanya. One bros come out publicly dey beg people for forgiveness. He claim say him brokus move down to him right lap after he sleep with another man wife.

People say na juju. Them say the woman too dey cheat on her husband nahim the man jazz her toto. 

Aproko Report ask one Babalawo wai dey based for Lagos about this type of jazz. He say he no want make we post him name and that him never see this type of juju but Kenya obviously get am. He say to revere this kind of juju go cost the boy wella but hope still dey. He advice the boy to beg the husband and may be find better church make them pray for him life as him problem fit bad pass him prick changing position.

This other guy wan laugh. Idiot!

 The Babalawo con say, em fit be say the boy get curse and na so dem born am. He say when next he travel through astral-projection to Kenya, he must track down the Witch-Doctor wai make this type of juju and learn.

We go bring you update sha.


See as him prick don change position.

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