Wednesday, December 21, 2016

PHOTO: Yoruba Prophet give him daughter belle

The ‘miracle working prophet’ Taiwo Oluboyode who be the GO (General Overseer) of one white garment church wen dey for Olr-ljebu Street, Ododr, Idanre area of Ondo State, don confess say na him give him 16 years old daughter belle. The poor girl dey carry the six months old baby of her papa.


For police station, the 56 years old man tell olorpa say na devil make am spoil the girl, but people for him area no gree. Dey say him do am to recharge him juju-power, say ne ritual act. The reason why dey accuse am of jazz na because, the community people say the man get power (no be small). Even sef, people too dey rush him church for help and miracles. They say some of them come as far as Maiduguri just to see the prophet. They say everytime he day bath women for river to wash off curses and evil spirit wai dey hold their life backward.

The mama of the girl no dey live with the prophet anymore as she run from her husband house and he no allow her take dir daughter leave. So as him wife leave, the man con turn him piken to bed mate.

Prophet Taiwo
After he notics say she done pregnate, he start to dey hide her for house and dey tell her schoolmate say she don travel go Lagos for school. He even try tp abort the pikin by giving her concoction but the belle still day. This he dey do for secret until a neighbour see the girl with biggie belle, na so Prophet Taiwo enter police net.

As church members her say their prophet dey police station for abomination, dey all find their squareroot. All the church leaders too run because dey no want trouble. Right now, the whole church dey lock and no body wan go near

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