Saturday, February 11, 2017

Man kill his 8 years old wife with his brokus

This one na one yama-yama story from Hardh wai dey for northern Yeman.

One 40 years old matured man married a 8 years old girl. On the night of their wedding, he try to enter her and end up killing the poor child. This one na the same country wen that former Zafara State Governor go get his 13 years old bride that year.

The ma no shame because na their culture and religion to marry small children. Even though the girl never matured and he old enough to be her grand father, he man no fit control himself and con end up injouring the girl until she die.

The report we get say, she bleed to death from the inside.

The thing be say, for that country, the man no commit any crime since he done marry the girl 12 hours before he injure her. Human Right Activites done dey ask for the government to arrest the 40 years old man but no body send dem.

This na public mass marrage for Gaza

This marrage happen for Afghn


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