Monday, August 29, 2016

Buhari Dey Warn NDA: 'Come Talk Or Else!'

‎President Mohammadu Buhari don send warning give the Niger Delta Avengers say make dem talk now or him go show them pepper!

He say if dey no agree to talk, he go treat dir 4ke up de way he dey do Boko Haram. In case you no know; The Niger Delta Avengers na militant group way dey show say dey go school. Since dem dey blow up pipelines in protest, dey never kill anybody, they just dey post real words for correct English about waiten dey pain dem. Unlike Boko Haram wai no know why dem dey kill people. But Buhari talk say dey go get the medicine of Boko Haram if dem no stop and come talk with government.

Ei dey clear say Buhari never find oil for North as he dey search before. So now ei don put eye again for the Niger Delta oil because na from dir 80% of the country money dey come (even as the very small community wai get this oil dey live in poverty).‎ Dos small community no get light while the oil for thier land dey power big big cities and even Ghana.

Even if we over farm from now till thy kingdon come, agriculture no go fit give us half of de money oil just dey produce. So de government need dat Niger Delta Oil, and the militants just dey ask for justic but in a lawless way sha.

So waitn President Buhari dey use style tell dem be say; Diris a level when militant go develop and become rebel, den na treason be dat and enemy of the state. So if dey no gree, he go fight dem like say na war against terrorism.

Me I pray dem settle because for war, na the people (for the grass root) go suffer pass. When two elephant dey fight, na the grass dey suffer.

God help my brothers for Niger Delta o.

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