Thursday, August 25, 2016

See wetin person mama wear in the name of fashion

Remember those music wen rain before before “tell me what you want, what you really really want” and “viva forever I”ll be waiting”. If you you no remember, I go forgive you because e don tay (that time wen Tupac still dey for top 10 hits).

Mal B jewelry cloths
The (Saint Lauren) boots and the 'polythene bag' wai she call dress con join.

Those Spice Girls music group don already grow became mama, and see this one wen dem call Melanie B still dey show body like say she no get mirror for her house. That cloth na mad designer cloth by Yousef Aljasmi, all dat shinei-shinei na jewellery.

Mel B jewerlry encrusted cloths
For her mind she dey wear designer cloth.

The good thing be say, you no need neckleace or pant to rock this jewelry-encrusted jumpsuit!

If this na my mama, I go shame for her. A mugu at 40 is a mugu for life.

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