Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I like this 2 commentators for linda Ikejis blog

This na the two people wai dey comment for Linda Ikeji blog post all de time. Infact I con dey suspect say money must be involved but how much dey go pay dem now? I no know!

All I know be say dem no swear for dem. Dem dey alright and know waitn dem day do. I wan be like dem when I grow up sha.

Dis guys dey try die. I like as dem day always be among the first group of people wai dey first comment for every post. If I fit do dat, this AprokoReporter go blow with visit.

Ei be like say I go join dir craze.

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Na aproko mata be this so make una no over reason am. I wan make una know say; I no fit agree with everytin way people go comment, but that no mean say I no go post am.

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