Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wicked man beat sense back to his wife because she say "Buhari is working"

Someone for twitter dey claim say her husband beat her up because she say President Buhari dey work.

I me I no trust that claim at all, but na so she talk am. 

This na batter example of domestic violence but due to the hardship for country, some people kon dey hala at de man say he no do well. Dey say he for allow her finish her sentence because even small pikins know say things dey bad more and more. Dey say may be the woman wan say, 'Buhari is working hard to mess up the econoy', or 'Buhari is working hard to frustrate the youths' or 'Buhari is working hard to make the poor and rich poorer'.

Anyway, if you visit mad people home, you go see craze people wai dey comport dem self. You know why? Na because dem dey beat sense back to dem. If dey misbehave, dey go beat dem until dey normal. Even for Celestial ‎Church, dem dey beat craze people until dey normal. So ei fit be say the man notice say em wife don craze (delusional) to say Buhari is working so treat her 4ke up for house (since no money to admist her for hospital or pay tithe).

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