Friday, October 7, 2016

PHOTO: Wicked Step-mum Feeds Small Infant With Acid For Ilorin

One jealous step-mother go feed her step son with acid few days after his birthday, or na so dem claimed.

The reason why dem blame her na because, the 3-days old infant start to dey cry after the step-mother carry the boy to baf am. Him mama rush to the bathroom and ask for her pikin but the step-mother no gree as she dey fear say dem don catch her.

After dey take the infant to The Iiorin Genral Hospital where de doctor confirm say dem don poison her pikin.

Kabir, the poision 3days old infant.

After dey present the matta ohha to the step-mother (who be the elder first wife out of the three), she confess say she give the pikin with methylated spirit, she say she committed the crime because juju dey worry her.

The father of the child, vex and ask him first wife to produce the poison but she no fit show am even wen he day blend her. She only confess say she feed am with methylated spirt but she no fit show evidence.

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