Friday, August 26, 2016

Come see wahala o, as IDP block road

You know how condition of the economy dey and how everything dair, how some heartless governors never pay state civil servants for months and everybody dey hustle twice as much to get half of waiten we dey earn before before?

Internally Displace People IDP (dem soso people wai Boko Haram force run commort for their village‎), them wait for government manna and em no show. Omor dey provoke say which kind thing be this? Hungry man na angry man. Dey block road make everybody know say them never chop food. Na food dey want, so dey go go sht for toilet and sleep.

The thing bad sotay motor no fit move front or move back (HOLD-UP on a hot Thusday)! Many of the stranded people wan just pass go where dem dey go, no be say dem dey stay for Brono State or anything like dat, na passa byes, some na strangers who dey find dir own daily bread.


Dem dey tell the reporter wen take the photo (wen day up) say, "we never belly-full for weeks and now we no see even that small one chop! We no go gree! We no go gree!! We no go gree oooo!!!"

Dem talk say dey no want one committee way dey share food for them because the members of dat committee too dey tap dir food. They want their food staright from government.

Now why ei be say dat state governor never hear the oyinbo proverb way say; "give a (wo)man a fish and he would come back tomorrow", but tish am how to fish and em no go come disturb you?

In case you no know, 450 PIKINS die of HUNGER for these type of camp ‎last year and many many more still dey H!

Diris dignity in labour, na time to train and send dis people off make dem hustle like everybody else. This one no be life na existence joor! Instead of ask for food, make dem ask for job and restart to dey live life "reinteragtion into socity".

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