Monday, August 29, 2016

One company don create condom wai no fit break

LELO HEX na de name of one company wai say dir condom no fit break. Dis people gather engineers to make sure say dem go make a condom wai no fit break. Na the first time for de whole world wen anybody don make dis kind of condom.

This na good news to those bros wai day karawa wen dem don high finish, so dey no fit know when condom don break, only to find out later say dey don catch STI or don give person belly.

Like one time wen one bros go meet ashawo, he con reject her Gold Circle say him come with him own, so the ashawo use style put Vaseline for her thing (you know say vasinline dey break condom). As dat condom break, she provoke call her co-worker, they round the guy up until he pay 6k for bringing condom wai break. If say he get this kind LELO HEX robber, he for nor enter one chance.
Ei no matta if your toto or him brorkus get needle, dis condom na unbreakable

The good thing about dis be say, if the condom break and you dey for America, you fit sue the company go court make dem take care of the pikin, or make them treat the Sexsully Transmited Infection you get as a result of the condom wai break.  

This one na the ultimate bullet proof raincoat.

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