Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nigeria go soon dey for darkness in few weeks time

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Egbin Power Plc, Mr. Dallas Peavey, Jr. don speak him mind recently. He dey tell government “pay me my money or we go off light for all-de whole Nigeria".

He say he no like waiten government dey do as dey shun am for 6 month without pay. He say he go give Nigeria ‘darkness’ if money no land him hand in the next few weeks.

He say since dem land Nigeria 3 years ago, dem dey use our of their savings take sponsor all their project dem day do so dis time wen Lai Mohammed go say na Jonathan cause am, ei fit dey tell small truth.

He complain say fuel na problem and some of the spear part dem dey use don old well well, I mean, the man complain no be small.

He tell the reporter Femi Asu of The Nation Newspaper say our Federal Government dey own him company N86 billion.

He say him na business he wan run, so profit important as he no fit they provide light for Nigeria from his company pocket. But him say, de only thing he want, na the money FG dey owe am, say he never even start to dey talk about profit or gain as things bad sotay he never even think about day one.

When this misister still be governor of lasgidi, he claim say he use millions of naira design website wen you fit design for only 3k.

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