Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PHOTO: Girl remove her oga brokus with her teeth

Eric Ansah Andoh na de oga wai lost him John-Thomas

One oga firefighter for Ghana, try to sleep with a girl wai dey work under am. De girl name na Ataa Takyi and she be among the Youth Enterprise Agency (YEA) personnel sent to the Techiman Fire Station.

She beg the man say she no want, but he still open eye for her say him na oga to her so she better arrange make him chop.

Since he no fit read waiten day her mind, she play am as the mumu oga no know de kind craze he dey deal with.

Long story short, she bit his prick as de man fall down yakata (hallaring in pain and fever). The other Fire Officers rush am to hospital while Takyi report herself to police.

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