Saturday, September 17, 2016

This thief don suffer (Graphic Photo)

When I dey young, dem say, "if you think say you get mind, somebody wen get mind pass you dey".

This BOY theif phone kon run but dem catch am so dey banebeat him face.

You see, him na small boy. No be say na chinese man, na the beating him get na reconstruct his face.

Now the kind phone he theif na Nokia touch light! Dem say he snach the phone fron one girl hand kon dey run wen the girl start to hala "thief! thief!!".

Anyway, some of thr mark wai dem him body na old one but this guy see oba sha. I don day fear that comunity because men no get joy for dir. Dem say dis thing happen for
Sierra Leone. Even the people wai dey watch surprise the way dey beat this thief. Dey don hand am over to police.

Second-hand value of that phone na N1500 (I swear to God). Since the thing no get charger ei fit go for 1k.

Today he find out say, ordinry pipul wai dey waka de street dey vex for dir mind.

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