Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Witch crash-land for Benin city church (Video and Photos)

This bros confess saw him na wizard. He say he crash land for the church compound without any cloth. People say, he ‘spiritual google map’ spoil for air as he dey fly. 

The Prophet
 So this na the real tori:

Church worker come church eairly in the morning make dem start to dey work. As dey open gate, dey see this guy just walker round the place with no cloth. Dey confuse because, they lock everywhere well well and church gate get razor to stop any one wai try jump am.

After dey ask the bros, he say, him na witch and he crash land and wan give him life to Christ. They ask am him mission be he say him no even know him mission.

If na spititaul google map, and spiritaul flying, spiritual mission, how come he con physically crash-land? If he physically crash-land, how come he fit waka? To fall from sky no be childs, him surpose get serious injury.


 After I watch the report by ITV, I now know say this bros na thief wai miscalculate, but adjust him plan well. So na so this guy use sense excape jungle justic and police (because police no dey arrest for witchcraft). They go deliver am and let am go free.

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