Friday, December 16, 2016

"Free my husband" Nnamdi Kanu's wife dey hala president Buhari

The wife of Nnamdi Kanu (Uchechi Okwu Kanu) don vex for president Mohamadu Buhari wen news reach her say, dem do secret court season for for husband. She dey wonder why dem no tell anybody say court go hold and con trail am for secret. She say she no want dat kan 'wayo'? Dem they kill unarmed pro-Biafra protesters for public and tried Boko Haram suspects for public, so why her husband case different? She say Kanu no be terrorist, say na freedom-fighter (like Mandela) wen wan separate from Nigeria.

Kanu and wife

Nnamdi Kanu na the former director of Radio Biafra when police catch because he too dey talk anyhow about government and dey make-mouth threating government. His wife don accuse government of trying to kill her  husband for prison, and con confess how she dey worry because him health don dey bad more and more. Kanu na UK based guy so even after more than one year, he never yet get used to prison-life and dem no dey give am medical treatment for prison. 

She talk say ei go better make her Kanu stay for prison for 20 years dan for government to dey hide judge her husband.
She say she no go gree for secret trail again. She con provoke get mind call President Buhari a 'madman' (just like Fela of blessed memories call Buhari for 'Beast of No Nation'). She con ask Buhari to free her husband as she clame say he never commit any crime and government no get evidence against him.

Left, Nnamdi Kano. To the right is Justice Binta Nyako

All this she tell IBTimes for UK. Accusing the judge of wayo; She say before-before, she don already talk am say the Judge go 'fall her hand'.‎ She say she no surprise wen she hear the ruling. 
The Judge for the matter na one Justice Binta Nyako who husband get case with government and the judge son also join for the wahala as her son still dey for police detention. ‎So Kano wife talk say, the judge dey try pleas the Nigeria government because her husband and son wahala fit increase if she rule against the government. 

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