Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PHOTO: Villagers find missing farmer for inside snake belly

Dem don dead-body of one man for inside one giant python. The 25 years old man whos name na Akbar, dispear over the weekend and him family kon dey worry because he tell them he wan hervest palm oil but no come back.

Indigenes for the village of Salubiro wai dey for de eastern island of Sulawesi on Monday cut open a 23-foot snake after dey notice how the snake over big and em no fit move well. Dey also notice say dem fit see trace of person boat for the snake belly and some of Akbar tools dey near wear the snake dey.

The snake swallow the man complete which na something nobody for Salubiro don ever see before.

One expart zoologist talk say, that kind of python fit grow reach 20 feet but for it to chop human being no occational happenings. He say they den chop children sometime but hardly a full grown man and this case na strange one. 


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