Sunday, August 28, 2016

Military kill 5 suspected militants as Avengers use style dey beg government

Yeye Everywhere!

For the website of Niger Delta Avenegers, dem post one kan yeye message wen no get head or tale title: "NDA IS READY WHEN NIGERIA GOVERNMENT IS READY". Waitn that mean be say, dem dey use style take beg government say they no want war, make dem talk how everybody go get waitn dey need (justic).

Nahim Nigerian Military kon release another yeye report say, while dem dey train for Rivers State for one operation 'Crocodile Smile', say dey kill 5 militants and catch 23 other suspect. But the picture wai dey release no con make sense at all. Em be like say dey nab university cultist con dey claim say na militants.

See the mumu weapons military say militants dey carry. May be na psychlogical warfare plus government properganda.

This na how real militant weapon look like:

Nigeria military and Niger Delta Avengers, una try. Make una stop all the forming sitdown settle.


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Na aproko mata be this so make una no over reason am. I wan make una know say; I no fit agree with everytin way people go comment, but that no mean say I no go post am.

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