Thursday, October 6, 2016

Atiku Abubakar talk about his contract with Erupain Football Club

Atiku hit the gym in preparation to join Arsenal FC by January 2017. At least na so him talk as he post picture of him workout.

The former VP no dey rest as he prove say even for play, him na confirm politician. He con make sure say dey find am a trainer wai resemble Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Na political tactics to just confuse people. I no know why dem no go allow Jonathan rest.

In case you no know; Atiku Abubakar na the former Vice President of Nigeria and person wai don day run for de post of president since he leave office.
 Na so we see am. Some people don dey provoke say dey no want am for Arsenal while some say “Sai Atiku 2019”. Anyway, dis na part of publicity try show say the man na human being. I know say Obasanjo fit workout but I doubt if our current president go fit.

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